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Stress & washing- wet knickers again!!

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Empress Sun 11-Aug-02 19:28:04

Our 3 (nearly 4) yr old has started wetting herself every day, its not that she never got the hang of going to the loo, she's been doing that fine for over a year, then for no reason that we can understand, just wets herself now. every day when she's at nursery she wets herself at least once, usually 2 or 3 times, and almost regularly now in the evening. at weekends its worse,shes ok when she's out usually, but at home she'll wet several times a day. we've tried rewarding for dry knickers, & suggesting a wee every now & then but when we suggest she tries, she usually goes barmy & refuses saying she doesn't need to, then a few minutes later she's wet again. she's had such a sore bottom from having wet knickers at nursery & not telling anyone that i've resurrected the nappy rash cream i thought we'd never need again. that bothers me & also that my partner seems to think I shd know what to do & hassles me about it!! Stresses me out! Took her to Dr & got urine checked,shes' healthy, & seems happy generally. Help!!

titchy Mon 12-Aug-02 10:50:25

Hurray - someone else with a dd like mine!

I REALLY feel for you as I got so frustrated when my dd (3ys 8ms) went through the same stage a few months ago after being dry for over a year. I tried shouting, ignoring, not changing her (she went off and changed herself - sometimes without even telling me). Eventually we went for a two tiered approach - we put her in pants each morning, then straight into pull-ups at the first 'accident'. After that if she wet herself I didn't get mad because I had loads of washing, and she didn't get sore. We also said that if she went for a day without any accidents she got a star, and 10 stars meant some trainers with flashing lights!

It took a while (several weeks) but in the end, and after her friends noticing she had pull-ups on, we came through.

The thought of having to wear pull-ups to nursery may pursuade your dd, otherwise don't worry. It's a stage that doesn't last forever, although it feels like it at the time.

If there is anything new in her world she is not happy with then of course it may be a reaction against that, otherwise it's probably just an attention thing, and pull-ups and no fuss is probably the only way round this.

Good luck!

By the way does anyone have any thoughts on what to do once the star chart has served its purpose? DD now expects a star each time she has a dry day - which is every day!!!!

Empress Mon 12-Aug-02 19:07:06

Interesting re pull-ups, I'd be worried that would sort of give her a 'licence' to wet herself. Just been out today, she was fine, then as soon as we got home she wet herself twice within half an hour (she must be keeping a bit in each time & I worry that she'll get an infection doing that). On reflection I think it must be school looming that's upset her in some way, that's the only new thing and that's such a huge thing it must be that.

hilsapoppin Sun 07-Jun-09 17:33:24

My three year old has been dry during the day for at least six months and has suddenly started wetting herself several times a day. She says "Mummy I need a wee..." runs off to the loo and says... "Mummy I've wet my knickers..."

Usually there's a puddle on the floor right in front of the loo. I have tried to encourage her to use her 'step' to get up on the loo but she insists she doesn't need it.

Today she has wet herself FOUR times. And he last time (and this is the first time it's happened) she did a poo in her knickers whilst bending down in front of the TV. She was in the lounge and called me saying "Mummy there's a poo coming out..."

I don't know if it's just one of those things, or if she's upset about something. Just can't figure it out.

Can anyone shed any light???? I'm sorry to say I have been getting angry with her each time she does it, but having read some other posts, am starting to think I need to take a more sympathetic approach. blush

bubblagirl Sun 07-Jun-09 17:46:39

getting angry will introduce negativity to toilet training and normally anxiety will increase accidents ignore as much as you can get her to help clean up sit on toilet say this is where you should wee well done for trying and then go back about your business

could be feeling anxious about something if getting cross she'll be panicking more about getting it right

have sticker chart or reward when ds went through this stage we had potty in every room potty chair in his room potty in lounge and potty next to the toilet as i found if he needed to go the ability to hold it and move wasn't there he would just go where ever he was
so at home we went back to basics nothing on bottom half and left to reach a potty in one of the rooms when needing to go with reminders every now and then to sit on

BoysAreLikeDogs Sun 07-Jun-09 17:47:58

Is she constiptated?

That can place pressure on the bladder

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