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baby ready for buggy?

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ionesmum Sat 10-Aug-02 13:18:44

This is probably an incredibly stupid question, but when should we move our baby from her pram to her buggy? She can sit up unaided for a short while but is liable to topple over. Also, is this the right time for a highchair?

honeybunny Sat 10-Aug-02 13:33:05

Depends on the buggy. It should tell you when the manufacturer recommends that a baby can use its buggy. eg McLaren Daytripper is 6months, I think. DS1 used his from 8months (sitting ok on own since 6months) just because we wanted something lighter to pack for a holiday abroad. ds2 now sits in it for short spells, when allowed by ds1, at 17weeks but in its fully reclined position. (Our McLaren is the next one up from the Daytripper - extra £20 for recline and extended foot rest plus bit more padding).
We used a First Years Reclining booster seat rather than a high chair from about 5.5months for ds1. I'm sure one of these super deluxe padded high chair types can be used from early on, but check with the manufacturer if you're not sure. HTH!

musica Sat 10-Aug-02 15:33:28

We got Daytripper when ds was 4 months - it was fine in the lying back position!

ionesmum Sat 10-Aug-02 19:00:51

Thanks for the advice.

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