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7 month old won’t eat veg

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Bettybecks12 Thu 07-Mar-19 15:43:09

Hi all, we stared weaning a couple of months ago and although we made some progress, it’s been a very slow one. Me son now has his fruit purées, porridge or finger food such as bread sticks, cheese sometimes and he loves yoghurt but I’m at the end of my tether with him not going anywhere near veg purées or steamed veg he could eat himself. I’ve tried mixing avocado and banana which sometimes works but only if, on this particular day in history, he doesn’t mind the added taste of avocado. Purred carrot and sweet potato - a tiny bit - also sometimes, very occasionally, works. Today, I refused to give him yet another jar of yoghurt when he yet again refused to go near the three different veg options I presented him with. Any advise??? Have you let yours go hungry basically so they eat something?? I realise this is probably not the advise your health visitor would give but I don’t know what else to do...any thoughts on this?? Will it improve and sort itself?? Many thanks. Xx

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JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 07-Mar-19 15:55:26

He won't go hungry at this age f you don't give an alternative, he'll be fine on just the milk.

I'd offer whatever you have prepared and if he doesn't eat it, don't stress smile

Bettybecks12 Thu 07-Mar-19 19:25:41

Thanks - I guess my worry is that i’ve got a fussy eater on my hands. If he doesn’t like it now, in your experience, does it ever improve? Thank you!!

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JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 07-Mar-19 21:05:22

I really wouldn’t get worried about them not liking certain foods at 7 months. I’d just offer and not give any alternatives. If you do give alternatives, Baby will soon catch on that if they reject the first food offered, something much more to their liking will usually appear. Plus they get to see you getting flustered, which is always entertaining for babies smile

TigerQuoll Fri 08-Mar-19 10:29:44

At that age food is just play, not the main source of nutrition. Let him build happy thoughts around food. If he doesn't eat anything it doesn't matter, he gets everything he needs through milk still.

Bettybecks12 Fri 08-Mar-19 10:39:07

Thanks for the responses - it reassured me. We had some chicken for dinner last night and he actually was keen to try some with potato!

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VaselineOnToast Tue 12-Mar-19 18:13:00

Keep offering the veg as part of the meal. It can take something like 13 tries for a child to start accepting a food that they didn't like at first taste.

If my son tells me he doesn't like something, I'll say "Maybe you'll like it when you're older" or "You don't feel like eating that today". I find it really useful, rather than just eliminating certain foods altogether. Kids learn what's normal to eat through exposure. Have fun smile

MumUnderTheMoon Fri 15-Mar-19 09:59:31

I think I read somewhere that it takes 10-15 try's to like a taste. Also a parents reactions can put a child off. So keep your face neutral if you are worried they won't like it they might interpret that as there is something wrong with the food. If he is getting all the nutrients he needs just hand him a purée pouch and let him have fun tasting things and getting messy in his high chair. Dd loved the Ella's kitchen range she sucked the purée right out of the pouch.

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