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Racheld82 Wed 06-Mar-19 12:53:33

I am desperate for help with regards to my son who hates loud noises including the wind. He spent most of last night crying because our house is so noisy when its windy and he just hides under his duvet crying so we reassured him and kept saying it won't hurt you, were here, and lots of cuddles but still awake at 130 crying in my arms and covering his ears. Doctor thinks he may have Hypersensitive hearing but what can i do to help him when its windy ?? We are running out of options!!!

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AladdinMum Wed 06-Mar-19 17:32:51

He might have a sensory processing disorder where loud noise do physically hurt him, which is why he covers his ears and cries - it would be equivalent to us having a hammer drill next to our ear - in this case would you not try to cover your ears or run away from it?

How old is your son? apart from noise sensitivities do you have any other concerns?

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