Does this sound like adhd?

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Lndnmummy Mon 04-Mar-19 20:19:11

Posting for advice about my son who has just turned 7. He is a bouncy active talkative soul wit very short attention span. Never aggressive. No violent outbursts, doesn’t break things. He is fidgety and a chatterbox and sometimes gets into trouble for this but no more than other boys (according to teacher). He has a huge problem with handwriting and def has some dcd and hyper mobility. I have self referred and on the waiting list. The senco has agreed he has motor skill issues and he is getting help with this. I have asked every teacher he has had (he is in Y2 now) if they think that he has adhd and they have all said no, it’s age etc. However, I have met a very experienced tutor to help with his handwriting and after 3 sessions with me she said she was convinced he had it. She also suggested that he might be on the spectrum. I realise the spectrum is huge but there is nothing to me that suggests that he is on the spectrum and has dyslexia. He doesn’t struggle with reading at school. His teacher has said that he is doing well with reading and maths and that the only concern is lack of focus, fidgeting and his handwriting.
He IS constantly on the go, always fidgets. But he is very aware socially, always makes friends easily, listens when told, sleeps well. Sensitive to others needs/emotions etc.
He does sometime seem confused with fairly simple concepts like days of the week and time, which I have noticed a few times.

I don’t know where to go from here. Where do I start? Adhd? ASD? Dyslexia? I honestly don’t know where to start? I have also just had a baby and his head teacher seems to think that some of his behaviour is attention seeking due to changes at home rather than anything else (she is very experienced in both state and SEN schools). I just want to help him

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JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 07-Mar-19 15:53:01

I'm not trained but I think it's worth reading up on inattentive ADHD and asking your GP to refer him for an assessment. The SN Chat section on MN is very good and the MNers in there should be able to tell you more about the process.

I can't help with the dyslexia, sorry.

Jaz32 Sun 10-Mar-19 19:57:05

My 7yo is exactly like this!!! He is in year 3. My 10 yo has aspergers and I've worked with lots of children with adhd and on the spectrum, I don't think my 7yo has asd as he has an amazing imagination and no issues at all socially. I am starting to wonder if he could have ADD tho as he isn't particularly hyper enough for ADHD but he certainly struggles to sit still at school and focus. He is bright but constantly fidgets, fiddles and rocks. He is also a chatter box and talks very quickly. He's very forgetful and scatty and day dreams a lot too....
He's also an anxious boy who bites his nails and worries about everything and he is also the middle child the oldest having asd obviously takes a lot of attention and the youngest being a toddler into everything so I also wonder about possibly just attention seeking but who knows?!

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