My 13 year old role-playing?!

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amyyy Sat 02-Mar-19 01:53:00

Hey, this is my first post and do not know what to expect!! My dd is a happy and very helpful young lady who always displays good manners and behaviour.

However should I be concerned?Whenever she finds the opportunity, she pops into her room, closes the door and goes into this epic role play rant! I can hear her whisper aggressively as I eavesdrop and ohmy she is using some very explicit profanities. I had no idea she even knew this many swear words!!

Have any of you experienced this? Should I be concerned as there may be some underlying issues which I'm unaware of? If so I can get help now if this somehow harms her as she gets older. Or is she just weird lol

Thank you in advance and be nice please smile

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goldengummybear Sat 02-Mar-19 11:03:47

Is she into drama, writing, a specific theme (say Shakespeare) for the ranting?

amyyy Sat 02-Mar-19 12:59:32

Not particularly, she enjoys her drama lessons and loves reading. But as far as a deep rooted love for drama and Shakespeare...not really no!

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Echobelly Sat 02-Mar-19 13:18:52

I think you should ask her if there's something bothering or upsetting her that she needs to talk about? If she says nothing you can maybe say then that you've noticed these rants when going past her room and you're concerned she's venting a frustration that she doesn't feel safe for some reason to share with anyone? If she doesn't respond or assures you everything's fine, then don't push it - just tell her you're there for her if she has anything she needs to share with someone.

I've always been one for not 'losing it' in front of people and in some ways it's not good and has led to me bottling things up - maybe it's the same with DD and she need to learn it's OK to be angry and have negative feelings. Maybe these rants do help her a bit, but they may also be a symptom of her finding it difficult to share angry feelings with others when sometimes she needs to be able to do that.

amyyy Sat 02-Mar-19 13:29:54

Thank you echobelly, I will have that conversation with her. I can hear she's talking in character so she's acting out a storyline...a very aggressive one 😳

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detoke Fri 08-Mar-19 10:55:06

is she always aggressive when acting?

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