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Mangotango123 Wed 27-Feb-19 18:47:05

This is a slightly premature post but just wondered if anyone could bring some interesting thoughts into topic ....

We are having a baby later this year. I have a real issue with the fact my husband’s family are big swearers and use it in everyday speech freely. He however doesn’t.

Don’t get me wrong, we all drop the F bomb every now and then, usually when I stub my toe or something, but they use it as standard vocabulary. That is up to them primarily but I do have concerns when it comes to being around our baby. I know a newborn baby won’t understand such words but I find it makes me feel uncomfortable and almost ‘dirty’ if that makes sense. My husband’s brother and sisters have small children ranging from tiny - 9 years old and foul language is often used colloquially in front of them.

I think his family think I’m a bit of a princess anyway, but do you think I’m within my rights or stand a chance of being listened to, if I make it clear that I don’t want bad language used around my child?

I’m not naive enough to think that during its early years it might not pick it up from some other source but I don’t want it to think it’s acceptable to use in the family fold or to hear people in the family use it.

Especially as the child gets older, I worry with what is going to come out it’s mouth when he or she returns from time with his dad’s side of the family - especially as my family are polar opposite and would be horrified if repeated their end.

My husband totally understands and agrees with me and says he will make point to them to watch their speech, but it’s awkward isn’t it.

What would you do in this situation or do you have any tactful ways I could say it to them to basically keep their mouth clean.

Thanks! X

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typoqueen Thu 28-Feb-19 12:47:57

My husbands family swear an awful lot and so does my husband, the F and C words are used frequently in everyday conversations, my DD now 12 has heard these words every day of her life and apart from 1 incident at aged 2.5 when chatting to her nan she said F***ing dog i have never heard another word, from the age of 5 she tutted and said "oh naughty word" when she heard it, now aged 12 we hear the odd bugger it or bloody hell. Best thing is to not make a great deal of it x

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