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Newborn constantly fussing

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JiltedJohnsJulie Tue 26-Feb-19 07:53:34

This article from Kellymom gives some more information on what's normal.

Congratulations on your new LO too thanks

JiltedJohnsJulie Tue 26-Feb-19 07:49:56

Definitely fairly normal. Sone babies just like to feed and be held. Are you managing to get to any BFing Groups?

smellsofelderberries Tue 26-Feb-19 02:29:45

DS is 3 weeks old and whenever he's awake he's really miserable. Almost constantly rooting for milk, but then just nurses instead of actually feeding. He's okay when held upright but forget lying down- he 95% of the time will start crying within 60 seconds. Not vomiting, gaining weight very well, burps fairly easily. Does seem in pain when put down though. Grunts a LOT, legs kicking a lot, tummy goes hard. I would love to wear him in the sling but I have pelvic floor issues and haven't yet seen my physio since birth so don't want to run the risk of doing myself any damage, as the one time I've tried to wear him for 20 minutes I felt pretty terrible afterwards.

My DD was a v easy baby so not sure if this is within the realms of normal or if we should be seeing our GP. How much crying and fussing is normal at this stage?

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