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Anyone recognise this attitude?

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katepol Fri 06-Jul-07 13:19:11

DD (aged 4)- 'can you put this bobble in my hair please mum?'
Me - 'yep, just a minute though, I'm just clearing up after dinner and my hands are dirty...'
DD - (shouting) 'well YOU can't do it ANYWAY, coz I am going to the toilet, so there!'

Huh??? It is so tiring. Sometimes she can be sweetness personified, very kind and loving, and other days everything is turned into a battle. Grr!

Roll on school eh...

mommydear Fri 06-Jul-07 14:28:51

DS (3.10) is exactly the same. Everything needs to be done now or he will walk away and say "I am not your friend anymore" DD is 7 weeks and needs lot of attention. So things can get crazy. I will just tell him that I stil love him and if he wants to, I can attend to his needs in a few minutes.

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