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whining and whinging in 2 year old

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boo64 Fri 06-Jul-07 09:15:30

I guess this is part of the territory with 2 year olds but mine is pretty strong on the whinging front!

He can't talk that well yet so I guess that is part of it but I want to nip the whingeing in the bud so it is at least limited as he gets older.

Sometimes I say 'tell me with words' etc but any other tips? I could try saying I can't hear you until you ask nicely?

Sometimes when he wants something he just goes on and on and on squealing rather than asking etc

Not the end of the world but would be nice to improve this!

merrily Fri 06-Jul-07 10:15:05

no answers for you I'm afraid, but my DD (2.3) does the same thing - it is so irritating

I am just persevering with trying to get her to tell me what she wants, and saying please and thank you to her in the hope she will pick it up eventually!

I am trying to do the "reward good behaviour, ignore bad" thing - I don't drop everything every time she screeches for something, and if she does manage to actually tell me in words, I try and respond quickly and react positively.

some days I am just so relieved to put her to bed! I just keep repeating to myself "it's just a phase, she will grow out of it...."

americantrish Fri 06-Jul-07 10:33:52

mine went thru this too and wasn't a brillant speaker at 2. it drove me nuts. i would try to encourage him to point or show me what was wrong, bothering him. etc.
it will slow down once he speaks more. he'll be able to tell you, even if in broken sentences what is going on.

merrily: oh i have days (i think all moms of toddlers do!) when they just are happy its their bedtime!!

when my son would drive me mad when he was younger, we'd pack up the ball and walk to the park, kick it around like crazy and then relax after. (we do this still now and he's 3)

boo64 Fri 06-Jul-07 13:51:19

It was almost comical yesterday as we had his 2 year check with the HV and he spent almost the entire time whining!

So whiny that he didn't do any of the little 'tests' he was asked to as he was in such a strop! She just will have thought he was both thick and whiny but there we go....luckily she is very nice and someone I know from elsewhere so didn't make any annoying comments!

I have been trying harder to encourage him to use words today and not whine and it has been slightly better but then again it might be that he is in a better mood than yesterday!

Bless them....they are so cute sometimes though aren't they.

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