Co Lactase and BFing

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FirstTimeBumps Wed 13-Feb-19 23:09:58

Not even sure this is the right place to put this but I don't know where else is. I've tried infacol, gripe water, and have now moved into Colactase for my 6 week old who has the world's worst wind. I'm also eliminating dairy as a precaution to see if any improvement is seen there in case he has a cow's milk allergy but anywhoo...

How do people who are BFing for about the whole using Colactase of a night. I currently have thee bottles of about 40/50mls in the fridge, which I will need to go down, heat up to 'feeding temperature' add four drops of Colactase, shake, then give to babs before putting him on the boob confused and repeat this each time he has a feed through the night. Surely there's a better way? I feel like I'm seriously missing out on the BFing benefit of not having to go downstairs and make up bottles. I'm going to go grab a tommee tippee bottle warmer tomorrow but I'm assuming even these take a few minutes to warm up the bottle? I may be fussing for nothing, until all this started he woke up predictably at 2/3 then at 5/6... And if he goes back to that with the Colactase then I can put up with two trips to the kitchen, but if he's like he has been and feeding every hour and a half to 2 hours, sometimes just for comfort for a few minutes, which unfortunately I can't tell until a few minutes have passed envy take the last big feed before we go to sleep, currently got an entire bottle, 150mls, that he just wasn't interested in. Any pearls of wisdom would be much welcome. TIA x

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JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 14-Feb-19 07:54:54

That does sound like very hard work OP. If you are suspecting CMPA is it ebm or formula in the bottles?

Has LO been checked for tongue tie?

It might be worth talking all of this through with a BFC, have you got the helpline numbers?

FirstTimeBumps Thu 14-Feb-19 13:48:50

EBM in the bottle. He settled better last night but still had a few windy spells but actually dropped back off and had a solid few hours. I've been to our local group this morning (were quite lucky where I live and have a massive BF support network we can access free). They have suggested I possibly have a fast letdown and to try expressing before feeding initially, then get TT checked next week (although I'm pretty certain it's not that, he latches really well, no pain on my end, no clicking noises and he is following the centile lines to the dot), and then said if all that fails I could then try elimination diet. I've also been on the phone, and Facebook, to Colactase customer service who are yet to get back to me hmm as they have instructions for making up formula in advance and I want to know if I can do the same with expressed. If I haven't heard from them by 4 I'm calling back

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