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Teething 11 weeks old

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LJJC Wed 13-Feb-19 18:09:06

Hi just looking to see what other peoples experiences of teething are as my 11 week old definitely seems to be teething! I am sure I can seek a front incisor bump which I wasn't expecting as thought teeth wouldn't actually come through yet let alone a top one rather than a bottom one. Has anyone else found this? He seems quite grumpy about it all and there don't seem to be many remedies that he can have yet. We have got the teetha granules this afternoon so hoping they will settle him.

LJJC Wed 13-Feb-19 18:10:02

I meant I can feel his top incisor lol

Confusedbeetle Wed 13-Feb-19 18:13:25

First, although teething can happen extremely early, it is unlikely. A tooth bump may be there for months. The only way you will know is if a split appears, Don't bother with any of the teething remedies they do nothing. The danger of assuming it is teething is that you might miss an illness. Keep an eye on him generally, sleeps feeding temperature, unsettled behaviour. There are a lot of urban myths about teething

LJJC Wed 13-Feb-19 19:50:40

Thank you. Sounds like it could be a very long process. I've had it confirmed by someone who has worked with babies for a number of years so am fairly confident as his behaviour is spot on for teething as well but will keep an eye just incase. No temp or anything and although restless in the daytime he has slept ok at night the last couple of nights so hopefully this won't send his whole pattern out of whack.

tomhazard Wed 13-Feb-19 21:01:33

My DD got her first tooth at 12 weeks! She was definitely teething in the run up to that.

Shelley54 Thu 14-Feb-19 05:19:55

DS2 was teething at 8 wis - the nurses commented on it at his first vaccinations. Nothing came through til the week before he turned 7m. Don’t get too excited.

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