My 5 year old feels he has no friends at school and this is leading to bad behaviour

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LolaHugg Tue 12-Feb-19 11:01:27

This is my first post here. I'm at my wits end and dot know what to do. My 5 year old son is in reception class. At home he has a 2yo sister who he loves and plays with a lot. We live quite remotely so there are no kids to play with nearby but we have had a couple of classmates over now and then. The problem is at school he keeps hurting other kids, I think it is mostly accidental--he has always got an excess of energy and doesn't always look where he's going. The teacher sits him on his own table and he says he feels lonely at school. This is leading to more deliberate outbursts. I have tried talking to the teacher but she says I need to put more sanctions in at home... I feel like I am having to talk to him all the time about bad behaviour and it's making it worse. I try to reward good behaviour but I am met everyday with a new incident at school. I am a working mum and have given up a huge project to give him more attention but I don't really know what to do. Has anyone else got any experience dealing with behaviour you don't witness?

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