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5mo old doesn't get excited to see Daddy

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Mamanua Tue 12-Feb-19 09:55:38

Hi there,
My subject is self explanatory. I won't list them all here but baby seems to be meeting most milestones fine, if anything some in advance. However when my husband comes home from work he doesn't get excited at all or really have any reaction whatsoever. This concerns us both - my husband in particular thinks he gets v little eye contact. He's a great baby and quite sociable (I think) but then again I have him all day Mon - Fri. I've done baby massage, yoga, sensory and in order to help husband with baby, he has started swimming classes with him. Baby is bottle fed so it's not like he has intense physical attachment to me asides the obvious emotional attachment. We are 1st time parents - is this normal /expected? I'm. Not sure if he recognises anyone besides me...😬

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Ricekrispie22 Tue 12-Feb-19 18:28:28

Not sure if I’m allowed to link to another forum but you’re not alone and it will come with time

surreygirl1987 Tue 12-Feb-19 19:30:08

I have a 4 month old. Sometimes he is interested in his dad when he comes home. Sometimes he's excited. Sometimes he ignores him / doesn't seem to notice. Sometimes he looks at him and cries! I might worry if he NEVER seems excited or if it persists but I'd have thought 5 months old is young to worry about this... am no expert though!

Settlersofcatan Thu 21-Feb-19 12:15:51

I think it took my son till he was around 4 months before he recognised his dad. Does your husband do any solo care at the weekend? I suspect that would help.

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