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Friends child was crazy!

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coastergal Sun 10-Feb-19 22:20:01

Help I'm still traumatised! My friend just came for lunch with her 7 yr old son. We have a 5 yr old girl so are used to having children at house for play dates, including boys. We have nephews and other friends with boys but this lads behaviour just seemed extreme! He was tearing round the house going in every room dismantling stuff and breaking stuff, he totally ignored the odd request we made like "please don't touch that and don't go in that room" and actually totally ignored me every time I spoke. Kept saying he was really bored and the food was disgusting! I'm totally exhausted! At one point he screamed in my face cos I wasn't finding his favourite tv show quick enough! Is this normal???? My friend and her DH did tell him off every now and again but he really didn't seem to care or listen to what they said! I feel awful as I think they picked up on vibes that we thought he was a pain in the arse (especially from my DH) and I don't want it to effect our friendship... is it normal for a 7 yr old boy to behave like that in someone else's house?

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BackforGood Sun 10-Feb-19 23:31:13

Of course not, as you well know - you've said you've been around lots of children.
Am a little puzzled why - if his parents weren't doing anything - you and dh weren't considerably clearer / firmer with setting out boundaries.

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