Scared of showers

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MrsWifeandMum Mon 04-Feb-19 21:35:33

Hi all.
My little girl is 2 in March. We've never had a bath so used to bathe her in a baby tub and then she started going in the shower.
She loved it so much she'd go and sit in it when it wasn't even on.

Now she screams and clings on for dear life if we try to put her in the shower, we tried the mother-in-laws bath too but to no avail.

Keep having to just wash her with a cloth because nothing we've tried will calm her down.

We've tried getting in 1st and asking her to come in, we've tried fun sponges and bath toys, tried singing about washing hair to which she joins in singing but won't get in, we even got board markers and let her draw on the tiles to get her closer but once the waters running she darts!

I've managed to coax her in when it's switched off but won't go near when it's running.

I think the fear has come from when she had an ear infection and we had a shower, she started screaming so I think water went in her ear and was uncomfortable.

But I have no idea how to get her to like it again.
Any ideas will be much appreciated!! Xx

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TigerQuoll Mon 04-Feb-19 23:02:13

If you own your house rather than renting, maybe getting a removable shower head installed (the kind attached with a hose and you can take them off to spray at your body). Then you could wash her in a large tub in the shower and rinse her using the shower head and a low volume with a cloth, and work up to having it fall on her head. She can also hold out and play with it, putting it under the water and pushing toys with the water that comes out etc

For now maybe always bathing her in the tub in the shower might at least get her used to that's where we wash ourselves each evening? If the baby bath is too small for her to fit in maybe get a big plastic storage tub that you would still have a use for even after you don't need to bathe her in it anymore.

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