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Is my 4 month old getting enough interaction?

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surreygirl1987 Mon 04-Feb-19 17:38:49

My little boy is 4 months old next week. He's always been very alert, quite whingy (has reflux), seems to get bored easily, and likes me to be around all the time or he starts yelling. He seems to get overwhelmed in large groups of people - we had our NCT group round yesterday and he cried. I find him hard to manage at a mother and baby group.. all the other babies sit or lie there content and quiet, and mine is wriggling in my arms, or fussing on the playmat. Even if he's happy he is so so loud but more often than not be will whinge. So I don't take him to many of those sessions as it is invariably he who disturbs everyone.
We do tend to go to three fitness classes a week where you take babies... a few of the other babies fuss and cry so I don't feel like I stand out so much .. plus the exercise keeps me sane. So he sees other babies there kind of. But otherwise, apart from pram walks, and the supermarket, we spend most of our time at home. He's got playmats which he likes, and I sing to.him.and playwith him most of the day om and off. But am I doing enough? All the other babies around here seem to go to classes and social groups all the time. Whereas for my son, he mostly just sees me. Parents live far away. At 4 months is that okay or will it harm his social development?? Is it why he's so fussy when I do take him to baby groups?


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TigerQuoll Mon 04-Feb-19 21:15:54

Pre 1 you really just need to keep him alive and healthy, and be there when he cries (for attachment). I wouldn't worry about social development so young. Those other mothers just have way too much time and money on their hands.

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