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2year old

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Libbyloo21 Sat 02-Feb-19 17:18:11

Hi my little girl has been a bit poorly since last saturday.....we have spend 3 days in bed cosying and watching films where shes slept on and she seems a little better but if i say have a shower or try move her its a full on screaming match making her cough etc and gets herself into a atate..... im just hoping shes not going to get used to this lying in bed and watching tv etc🙈 shes still not 100% so can still be a bit tht? This is the first time shes been proper unwell too
Any advice or reassurance would be appreciate
First time mum just hope iv not made a rod for my own back

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starpatch Sat 02-Feb-19 17:49:46

Sounds fine to be honest as she is not well. Hope she is feeling better soon.

Libbyloo21 Sat 02-Feb-19 17:51:50

Yeh i think i just panic cos the tv time and amount mum shaming on social media haha🙈

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JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 02-Feb-19 21:27:37

She's poorly, if she wants to watch tv and cuddle with you, I wouldn't worry about what other people think smile

JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 02-Feb-19 21:30:19

I'm not keen on internet diagnosis and you should see a GP, just wondered if you'd read up on hiatus hernia smile

JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 02-Feb-19 21:30:57

Ignore my last post, it's on the wrong thread blush

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