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Baby Chatting all night

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BBear Mon 02-Jul-07 20:13:50

Can anyone advise me - my 9 week old "talks" from 3am - and loudly - I can hardly sleep (even with two earplugs in) He is quite happy murmuring/gurgling and saying ahhh and I think he's asleep for most of the time as he then starts properly shouting for his feed at 5am . I don't engage with him (avoid eye contact and just pat and shhh or change the nappy in near darkness when he seem awake) but he never stops! I have recently started doing a dreamfeed bet 10 and 11pm in the hope that I might get some more sleep (I have Multiple Sclerosis and am getting so overtired I'm in danger of relapse) Has this disrupted his sleep (he normally feeds at 2-3 am then 4-6am) He's more chatty in the day too (all my fault as I'm a chatterbox. Help! any advice please!! I don't want to put him in another room with baby monitor but as he is getting louder and louder chatting but I'm desperate....

Elasticwoman Mon 02-Jul-07 20:45:00

Why not put him in a room without a baby monitor so that he only wakes you if he really shouts?

Can dh then go and get him for you and take him back after the feed? (Might be a lot to ask I know>)

Sorry to hear you have MS. My cousin has had it for 20+ years; her dc are grown up now.

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