Baby daughters bottom teeth overlapping the top ones!!! What do i do???

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HisDad Wed 16-Oct-19 21:20:25

Hi 3littlepigs, hope you can still read this message.. how's your daughter now that her adult teeth grew? has it gone better? was it fixed? my 13months old son has the same case..

hope to hear from you..thanks

barbapapa Tue 03-Jul-07 18:57:02

My now six year old had this problem as well as a baby . I took her to the dentist who said not to worry very common and that more than likely it would sort itself out when her jaw grew.
It did .

hippipotami Mon 02-Jul-07 19:57:31

This is the same for my ds. Unfortunately, his adult teeth are now starting to come through (he is nearly 8) and the underbite is still there. Dentist has advised to wait until ALL his adult teeth and molars have arrived (at the rate ds is going that could be a few years) and then to look again. He did say we would probably be looking at a brace of some sort.

If the problem is merely position of the teeth than it should sort itself out. In my ds's case it looks like the bottom jaw actually juts out more hence why the bottom adult teeth are also overlapping the top ones.

3littlepigs Mon 02-Jul-07 17:54:25

thanks for your help guys, sounds like it is common. DD just looks really funny when she grins and you see nothing but the bottom teeth....

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Weegle Mon 02-Jul-07 17:51:44

I posted about this a few months back as DS 13 months is the same. Apparently it's not that uncommon and they don't worry about it in milk teeth. And their jaws are still growing so it might change yet. Since I posted my mum told me mine were the same as DS and rectified themselves as my jaw grew and I got my molars.

clayre Mon 02-Jul-07 17:44:16

one of my dd's front teeth are like this and the dentist says just to leave it, when her adult teeth come in they will be in the correct place.

carocaro Mon 02-Jul-07 17:42:24

no idea sorry, but pop her along to your dentist for a look.


3littlepigs Mon 02-Jul-07 16:09:21

I know this probably sounds really odd but my DD (12months) has just got her 2 top teeth and she has just started closing her teeth together but puts the bottoms ones over the top ones! Look really odd but I am worried that this will this push her top teeth back??? Do I just let her carry on? and what will happen when she gets all her teeth??? Hope somebody has had this experience before!

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