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Adhd in a toddler?

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Shazzza1 Mon 28-Jan-19 10:04:23

Hello, im new here and not sure if im posting in the right place. Im concerned about my dd who will be 2 in feb. Shes not in nursery, my choice atm but goes to a playgroup which is just a little local place with ball pit and a small climbing area. It gives her the chance to run around with other children and let off steam. Shes fine while shes there and even at home. But when i try to get her to a group activity like the little music and dance group there once a week, she just runs riot and wont sit with me to do the motions or anything. Her attention is always elsewhere or with other parents and children and im constantly chasing her because she will just run upto the teacher and start annoying her while she singing! She has no stranger danger either and will go to anyone and says hello to eveyone! Shes fine apart from this, she likes to do her puzzles, when prompted, and is generally a placid child, her sleeping is fantastic and she will sit with me for one to one time but outdoors she runs ragged! Im wondering if she just gets a bit over excited. Can anyone relate?

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Shazzza1 Mon 28-Jan-19 15:13:14

Can anyone offer any help or advice? Have i posted in the wrong place? Im pulling my hair out. When i google these things all i get is posts for ADHD.. its really getting me down sad

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Nj200 Mon 28-Jan-19 16:34:46

Sounds exactly like my ds2 but he is like that all the time even at home lol can't get him to sit and do anything just wants to run about and doesn't sit and join in things unless he's at nursery. He sees the GP and HV because he is delayed for his age but they aren't concerned with ADHD. Sure it's nothing to worry about she sounds normal

whendidimakethisbottle Mon 28-Jan-19 21:00:25

This is very like my 22 month old girl. We stopped taking her to football class because when it came time to sit down with the teacher and do some fun stuff (do actions, try standing one foot on ball etc) she'd be at the other end of the hall running riot and refusing to stop. She will do puzzles/colouring/games in the house if she feels like it but about 90% of the time she's just running around. I think it might just be their age but my partner and I do sometimes wonder if it's completely normal. Reassuring to know others have similar thoughts

Redcrayonisthebest Mon 28-Jan-19 22:45:39

Please don't be too quick to label your child, some toddlers are just livelier than others. My ds was ALWAYS on the go, wouldn't sit in his buggy and needed to be able to move and explore constantly. At six he's still not very keen on sitting still but is doing very well in school and is a happy, well behaved boy. Just pick groups that suit your toddler's style and celebrate her liveliness and zest for life.

typoqueen Tue 29-Jan-19 11:40:26

it could simply be the environment, she is there for playgroup where she can run around, chat and talk to the teacher when she likes, but then on music or dace days she can not do these things, she sees it as still being a playgroup.

Shazzza1 Tue 29-Jan-19 12:43:37

Thank you so much for your replies.. I am going to book an appointment with the HV and raise my concerns but after hearing back from numerous people and family too I am feeling more reassured that all is well smile

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JKCR2017 Tue 29-Jan-19 15:33:26

It could just be a phase. Some toddlers are more lively and confident than others. I have a DS with asd and possible adhd and nothing you have mentioned has really concerned me. Your DD’s behaviour can be pretty normal for a lively 2 year old.

Adhd isn’t usually considered until a much later age anyway!

Libbyloo21 Sat 02-Feb-19 17:22:36

Excatly the same as my DD ..... just have little live wires 😂

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