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Boring question - toddler foot measure

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Crackers1288 Thu 24-Jan-19 22:09:30

Hiya. My Ds is 18 months and I want to buy a reliable foot measurer. It would be so much easier than taking him to clarks every time!
I have tried to buy the actual clarks one but they keep refunding me when I order because they haven't got any in stock.
Seen quite a lot on eBay but being so cheap I'm not sure if they would be very reliable.

Thanks for getting to the end of that grin

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April45 Thu 24-Jan-19 22:18:05

You can get the Clarks one on Amazon. I'm not sure how reliable my measuring is though as the shop get different to me!!

Crackers1288 Thu 24-Jan-19 22:29:11

Oh ok thank you. Are they fairly easy to understand as I believe you have to go onto their website to get the actual size from what you read off the measurer?
I just feel more trusting because of the name!

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BeeMyBaby Fri 25-Jan-19 16:52:14

I use the start rite one which just gives you the size in mm and you plug it into the website. Yes it's accurate and helpful, so I knew whenever to take my children to get the next size up at which point they could be properly measured in store.

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