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Need help in telling my 2yro of ???

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MELB123xoxox Mon 14-Jan-19 22:04:20

My 2 yro has changed a lot recently he used to be full of hugs and kisses now he has swapped that for smacking me throwing things at me and nipping me or hurting anyone around him on purpose.he seems to do this mostly when he’s excited but he will still do it in a normal mood.i don’t really know how to tell him off as silly as it sounds,he does not listen if I tell him of normally like look him in the face etc he simply just laughs ,if I tap his hand to tell him off he still laughs.i do not persevere with putting him on a naughty chair as he does nothing but laugh and run away and carry on slapping me if I get him and tell him off.his dad finds it easier to hold him in his arms so he can not move(not in a painful way at all ) but I still don’t like this sort of telling off ,so I really need some new techniques as it’s starting to get me stressed and it’s also straining me and my boyfriend relationship,please help .thanks

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JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 16-Jan-19 18:44:44

Try this book by Dr Tanya Byron OP. It's out of print now but you can still get it through abebooks.

If you don't fancy the first one, have a look at this book instead.

Goldmandra Wed 16-Jan-19 20:22:18

Don't do the "tap his hand" thing again. It will just teach him that violence is acceptable.

Also, give up on the naughty step/chair idea. You've already seen why this doesn't work.

Concentrate on offering attention for the behaviour you want to see and give him as little as possible when he's doing things you don't want.

If he hits you, either put him down and walk away or turn him around so he can't reach to hit you and say nothing.

MELB123xoxox Thu 17-Jan-19 00:14:52

Yeah I tapped his hand once but he’s been violent before me doing that anyway.but thank you for the book info x

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lovely36 Thu 17-Jan-19 13:14:35

In the situation where he slaps you or anyone else you immediately stop what you're doing, go down to his level, look him face to face and in the most calm and stern voice you tell him. "I will NOT allow you to hurt me." Or "I will not allow you to hurt her/him." Then you move him away from you if he's hurting you. In the case where he doesn't care and does it again. You can tell him "you may not be around me if you're going to try to hurt me. Please move away from me." Again in a calm but very stern voice. If he hit you ask him to move away from you. If he doesn't tell him either he moves himself or you move him, which are you going to do. If he doesn't respond or pick. Then you tell him "I'm going to move you away from me because you didn't choose." And you move him away. And you continue to do this every single time he tries to hurt you. A "stop doing that!" Or "that's naughty!" Is not going to work at all. You need to do this every single time he tries to hurt anyone. You need to make it clear he's not going to hit. That's not an option, you will not allow that. You are the parent. If he's hitting again and again it's because he knows he can do. Hope this helps

MELB123xoxox Thu 17-Jan-19 18:08:22

Thank you so much this is very helpful 😊

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