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DD(4) toilet training regression

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squealingpiglets Sat 12-Jan-19 18:15:31

DD(4) toilet trained between age 2-2.5 and was dry at night within a couple of weeks of being dry in the day. Recently however (last few months) she seems to have gone completely backwards. She is holding on til the very last minute before telling us, saying she doesn't need to go if we ask her & is regularly wetting or pooping her knickers, and has also been wetting the bed frequently too.

She's not doing it at the childminders or preschool (though I've noticed her underwear was a little wet once or twice) but seems to save it for at home.

We try to change her without making too much of a fuss of it, but I have to admit it is becoming very frustrating as she's been dry for so long it seems a big backwards step.

Is this common at her age/stage? I don't remember my DS doing it. I can't think of any specific reason why this could be happening. How can we discourage this behaviour & encourage her to stay dry?

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BF888 Sat 12-Jan-19 20:18:58

My niece never regressed but she does have to be told to go the toilet or she will hold it in. Some kids do regress and sometimes it can be changes/ stresses that causes it.

Does she stay dry through the night? Is it just happening in the day? Maybe start taking her to the toilet even if she says she doesn’t need to. If she’s drank etc. Chances are she will.

Have you asked her why she is not making it to the toilet in time? Is there any changes happening at home that could be causing it?

If need be take her to the GP to rule out anything medical.

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