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coastergal Thu 03-Jan-19 19:37:00

My LG started reception in Sept and another girl from her nursery is in the same class. I noticed immediately that the other girl is very possessive of her and on play dates she is very dominant and quite controlling, she also seems to upset DD quite a lot by winding her up and taking whatever she's playing with etc. When I've observed them together at parties they tend to stick together as a twosome which is a shame as DD has quite a wide friendship group from spending time with my son's friend's siblings, and without this one child around she gets on with others well. I'm not the only person to have noticed it either.
I'm really worried about it as I feel as though it's getting a little too much and I want DD to keep her other friends and not isolate herself. I don't want to do anything dramatic like tell the teacher to keep them apart as I also feel quite sorry for the other girl as she has a difficult family situation and I also am fairly friendly with her mum. I'm hoping she'll mature a little (soon hopefully) and it will work itself out.
Has anyone encountered this kind of thing before and have any advice?? Thanks

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JiltedJohnsJulie Fri 04-Jan-19 08:29:57

I’d start by inviting another child for tea, or you could invite the child and Mum for a coffee after school. This should encourage Dd to play with the other child.

Talking to the teacher isn’t being dramatic either. You can tell them your concerns and ask for advice without coming across as demanding smile

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