Problems between siblings!

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Tillytoes1 Tue 01-Jan-19 17:06:21

I have two sons aged 7 and 12, who have spent the majority of the holidays winding each other up, play fighting and just inappropriate use of hands and feet, e.g pushing and grabbing. I have constantly been using the conflict resolution method in a bid to help them resolve any differences, it is simply not working, I didn’t want to use time out but feeling that’s our only option now because they are simply not taking anything on board of what I have said and the house is becoming very hectic.
What tactics do you use? I have offered to play board games with them, which ends up with arguing, so the game gets put away, we have been out everyday for a few hours. I’ve suggested stuff to do together none of which they’ve wanted to do.

TIA for any advice!


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lovely36 Tue 01-Jan-19 17:13:49

Do they share a room?
Speaking from experience when I was a child and I had an older sister. We shared a room and well we caught ALOTTT. It got bad. We would punch and pull each others hair at times. Usually she would pick on me since I was younger. The only solution my mom had was to separate us and we each had our own room which helped tremendously. Is one of them winding up the other one? Or what are the arguments about?

Tillytoes1 Tue 01-Jan-19 19:50:10

Thanks for your reply, yes they do but won’t be sharing soon. It’s so hard because I am always on my own with them a lot too and I also have a young daughter, I get no help, except their Dad helps a lot when he’s home from work but works long hours. I feel I just keep shouting and getting frustrated over the situation when they do this, which I don’t like doing. I do things with them as much as I can but that has made no difference, whenever I leave the room to do something, they’re always calling my name because someone has said/done something, or they’re play fighting.

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MummEE2 Tue 01-Jan-19 19:53:10

I agree, from friends experiences once they have their own bedrooms things should improve

threeboysandus Thu 03-Jan-19 22:27:20

I hear you, have three boys and they are killing each other at the moment. They are either giddy and running around play fighting or they are actually proper fighting.

I've no solutions just to say, I feel your pain!

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