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'Little Angels' has anyone used this book

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golds Thu 02-Sep-04 09:00:43

You maybe aware that I am currently having tons of behavourable problems with my DD at bedtime - yesterday the doctor recommended I bought this book, has anyone used it and if so do you think it is any good, or can anyone recommend another ?


golds Thu 02-Sep-04 09:30:44

Anyone ????

granarybeck Thu 02-Sep-04 12:50:59

is it connected to the bbc3 show? sorry, haven't heard of it.

granarybeck Thu 02-Sep-04 12:52:38

i read 'raising happy children' by jan parker and jan stimpson. i found it really good, you don't have to follow it to the letter, but it has good ideas and just reading books like that can make you stop and think about things.

helsi Thu 02-Sep-04 13:02:10

I haven't read the book but if it is connected to the BBC three series then I do enjoy watching that. I'm sure that there will be loads of books available on this issue. If you go to somewhere like Waterstones you could preview a few before you decide to buy. Good luck with DD. How old is she?

golds Thu 02-Sep-04 15:54:37

Yes it is connected to the series, I only watched one of the episodes but thought it was very good. She is 6.5 and giving me major grief at bed time, I am hoping it will take less that 2.5 hours to put her to bed tonight

ernest Fri 03-Sep-04 13:38:24

what's the title of the book? Searched 'little angels' and just seemed to get book full of soppy kiddy pics

golds Fri 03-Sep-04 13:55:12

Oh I'm not sure then, the doctor just wrote down 'little Angels' for me, maybe he got it wrong

giggler8 Sun 26-Jun-05 13:02:13

Hi The book IS called Little Angels I bought in Sainsburys you can also get in Amazon..hope that helps

Seona1973 Sun 26-Jun-05 13:14:05

one of the authors will be Dr Tanya Byron. I have found it on amazon. here is the link

Raggydoll Sun 26-Jun-05 14:49:13

I have the book but havent really read musch yet. I like tanyas approach to discipline because its not unrealistically harsh on the child or the parent. I really don't like methods that imho are traunatic for parent or child (even if they do work). She seems to gt results without losing her empathy and kindness towards the child.

Although I haven't read much of the book yet I'm impressed your doctor recommended it and I would definatley recommend her approach.

ps/ she also did the recent bbc series house of tiny tearaways I think...

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