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Risperdal / Risperidone for a child?

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Trixiepixie6 Fri 21-Dec-18 20:32:23

We are currently waiting on a diagnosis for DS 10. He has done his all his assessments, Camhs just need to compile all the info to make a diagnosis which won’t happen until after Christmas. Basically He went from being a loving gentle child to an aggressive mad man in a matter of weeks. We have the agression somewhat under control with methods advised by the psychologist but he is extremely anxious, has lots of compulsions / rituals nothing dangerous but it is preventing him from having friends and a normal life and us from having a normal family life. He’s very highly strung so we are always tip toeing around him, he can’t relax. Psychiatrist has recommended Risperdal, I was really hoping not to go down the medication route, the side effects really turn me off and I was hoping with therapy slowly but surely he will come back to us? I’m also thinking some of it is a phase because of his age/ hormones. I don’t know if I’m just being naive though. Also he is very defiant he insists he wants to stay the way he is and will not take medication so it will have to be put into his food which also doesn’t sit right with me esp if he starts to develop some nasty side effects. My heads all over the place about what to do. Anyone else’s child on this type of medication, what were side effects? Did it work and in what way? Advice very welcome. Thanks for reading

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JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 22-Dec-18 08:56:54

I haven’t got any experience but can remember your last thread and didn’t want you to go unanswered thanks

Trixiepixie6 Sat 22-Dec-18 22:42:30

Aw thank you JJJ. I feel we are still no further on, I thought once we got seen by Camhs things would move quickly, assessment, diagnosis and treatment in the form of some sort of counseling cbt and tools for us as parents. I wasn’t expecting everything to take so long and be told to put him on medication without a diagnosis or a physical exam. I feel very naive when it comes to the system. Xx

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JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 22-Dec-18 23:23:40

I feel very naive when it comes to the system.. I’m not surprised Trixie, it’s all come on so quickly.

Hopefully a MNetter with experience of the system will be along soon thanks

JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 29-Dec-18 22:12:55

How are you getting on this week Trixie? thanks

EKGEMS Thu 03-Jan-19 01:02:40

My son was on risperidone for quite a while after his bipolar diagnosis-it was a very big leap to take but tbh we didn't have a choice-it helped him so much. He's no longer on that regimen but it did work for us. Best of luck

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