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seagulls and early starts from hell!

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nellieloula Tue 26-Jun-07 09:31:25

Morning - I am hoping someone has some bright ideas - I have a DS who is 26mths who has started waking at 5 every morning and crying until I go in and then he wants to get up (to be fair he is totally wide awake) He won't play or read on his own - the only reason I can think of for this change is the bloody seagulls who congregate outside his bedroom and fight from 4 every morning - they wake me up too. Normally, I wouldn't mind and recognise that it's just a phase (he's usually a good sleeper), but I'm nearly 6 months pregnant and DH is working away from home, no family near by and I sense sleep deprived insanity is not far away!! If anyone is going through/been through anything similar and has some top tips, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks

LilianGish Tue 26-Jun-07 18:13:21

Really sympathise - have been there! First of all remember it is just a phase and he will grow out of it (although I know it seems like an eternity when you are going through it). My own solution was to put ds in front of video - the longest one I could find - with a drink and then either sneak back to bed or snuggle under a duvet on the sofa with him and fall asleep there. Not going to win any awards for great parenting I know, but sometimes you just have to do whatever you can to grab a bit of extra sleep in order to function as any sort of parent.

UCM Tue 26-Jun-07 18:15:37

I know this sounds obvious but have you thought about going to bed uber early and watching tv or reading upstairs. You will end up asleep early at least.

nellieloula Tue 26-Jun-07 20:15:17

thanks both of you and I agree, who cares about good parenting when you're this sleep deprived! He has eaten more today than the last few days, run around outside all morning, had a really good nap at lunchtime and went down like a dream for once - I'm hoping these are all good indicators....I've also resorted to bribary and promised a little present if he sleeps or plays till Mummy comes in (this worked once before!). I shall keep you posted - thanks for your help and posts though. much appreciated.

czn Tue 26-Jun-07 20:34:13

I had this problem too and ended up putting a towel over the window to block out most of the 4am sunlight and I also got a small fan for both my kids' rooms (not pointing in their direction) to give background noise as they are both very light sleepers. It worked a treat with my 3.9y son and has helped with dd 1.8y but she still wakes up due to teeth. Neither of mine would play on their own or even watch tv so I was a walking zombie but I know it is also a phase that she will grow out of - BUT WHEN!!!!!!. Good luck!

auburnmum Tue 26-Jun-07 20:54:39

Bread with rat poison???? (for the seagulls)

nellieloula Wed 27-Jun-07 11:15:31

don't tempt me!

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