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7 week old stopped taking bottles - will she ever go back on them?

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Flummoxedandtired Wed 19-Dec-18 06:44:13

My daughter is breastfed and has, up to this week, always taken a bottle at night of expressed milk. All of a sudden, she is refusing a bottle, gagging and spitting it out and eventually crying as she gets so frustrated.

In your experience, do they ever accept bottles again once they have decided to reject them?? I’m going back to work soon and I’m terrified of her not taking bottles. I’ve tried various different teats, got someone else to try to feed her, distracted her etc etc but she’s having none of it.

Any advice welcome!

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birdybirdbird Wed 19-Dec-18 11:30:17

My LO suddenly my hated his bottles around the 8 week mark. Did exactly the ame as yours - gagging, pushing it out, pulling a disgusted face. We found switching (from Dr Brown to MAM) did the trick, I think because it had a softer teat. Still took quite a bit of preserving on DH part! We used to offer it when he was super hungry so it wouldn’t seem quite so terrible. Have you tried a bait and switch?

Gincompetent Wed 19-Dec-18 12:03:06

Another one for MAM here. I had the same problem. Had litres of breast milk in the freezer and DS just stopped taking a bottle one day.

Everyone tried: friends, inlaws, the HV. Nope, he was having none of it.

I spent about £140 (desperate, moi?) over a period of 4 months and eventually DS took the MAM bottle at almost 6months old.

Good luck!

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