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what toys?

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magicfairy Mon 25-Jun-07 14:47:52

just wondering what anyones thoughts were on what toys are worth it? With this crappy weather ds (9.5months) is getting over his toys very quickly, and it just got me thinking that it is soon his birthday so people will be getting him pressies and if i can ask for some good stuff then all the better for everyone!

Rubyslippers Mon 25-Jun-07 14:57:18

anything that makes a noise in my DS's case
he got a wooden xylophone and a tambourine thing which he loves (he just turned 1)

mumfor1standfinaltime Mon 25-Jun-07 15:00:03

How about something like a bumble ball? Or something else to 'chase' around! This could lead to more sleep for you too!

Weegle Mon 25-Jun-07 17:43:22

DS just turned 1. He's really in to his shape sorter (as a box and loves putting all the bits in and out of the lid!) and his hammer and peg bench. He's just getting in to things that push/pull along so cars are starting to be a hit, as is a musical tortoise on wheels. He's also just starting to get the hang of his Fisher Price Garage but he's still growing in to that. Favourite toy since 6 months and still played with several times a day now is his stacking cups, best few quid ever spent!

amidaiwish Mon 25-Jun-07 18:15:30

some nice ideas
here and here

wulfricsmummy Mon 25-Jun-07 20:02:04

Message withdrawn

jackie2kids Mon 25-Jun-07 20:06:04

DS liked cars for his first birthday. But didn't really play with actual toys much until 3yrs.

Favourite thing was dry pasta in a saucepan with wooden spoon (needs to be watched though as pasta goes in mouth).

tassis Mon 25-Jun-07 20:07:10

I think all of these are well worth the money (well the wheelybug is over-priced IMO but it is very cute and will last and last...she says trying to justify spending £50 on a toy!!)

sit upon galt wooden trike

wheely bug

bob the builder type chunky vehicles

fisher price stand up ball blast

fisher price little people sets

cosy coupe car

brick trolley

play food and pots and pans

winemakesmummyclever Tue 26-Jun-07 18:35:02

Stacking cups/rings and a train style shape sorter have been my ds's favourites since he got them for Xmas. Failing that, plastic cups/bowls strewn all over the house seems to be a fun game too

.....wanders off to pick up contents of tupperware drawer...again.....

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