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Son pushing and difficult to deal with at pre-school

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Bisa Sat 15-Dec-18 05:05:36

My son who is nearly 3.5 is in pre-school . Prior to that goes to childcare setting once or twice a week. He is s very happy boy and well behaved at home. I always get compliments when I take him out .

Story all changed when he entered pre-school this September. I started seeing signs of tantrums and resisting to do things he’s asked to do at home.

Initially when he started, The pre-school consistently reports that he doesn’t sit or want to join in any activity. This is completely opposite when he is at home. He wants to do his own thing. I forgot to mention that he is speech delayed. Been referred to paed , on waiting list. At home he talks more but still not where he should be at his age. There is a history of delayed speech in the family and kids catch up well by the time they are 5-6yrs. But I am concerned it’s impactibg him in school and might be a contributory factor to his recent behaviour st the nursery.

To make matters worse, the pre-school now reports he is pushing kids . I have talked to him about it and hoping he understands . But it’s still happening. I am really breaking down.
He doesn’t push anyone at home (he is the first) and has a little baby brother whom he adores. When I take him to children groups he is very happy and doesn’t push anyone there. I have asked the school how they respond to such behaviour they said he is constantly told to stop.

I don’t know why he chooses to do this in school. I have gotten a private SLT to support us for the time being till we can be seen by NHS.

I am even considering changing him to a private school where there will be less number of kids.

Any advice will be supper helpful. This breaks my heart deeply.

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JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 16-Dec-18 13:12:27

Given the speech delay and the behaviour, has anyone suggested the possibility of ASD?

lovely36 Sun 16-Dec-18 18:48:49

Have you looked into a Montessori school? There children decide what it is that they want to work on each day. It's really beautiful. I'm a Montessori teacher and our kids just blossom. We are focused on respect and independence with boundaries of course. Each child is so different and no kid is forced to do anything they don't want to do. Because of that the classroom is very peaceful and the kids are all usually very focused on the activities that they're doing :-)

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