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discipilne technique that will reach a 2.3 yr old??

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crazycanuck Mon 25-Jun-07 13:53:57

can anyone help me with an effective discipline technique for a 2.3 yr old? my ds is terrorising our new kitten (11 wks old) i.e. pulling it's tail, pulling it's legs, hitting it, pulling on whiskers...the whole nine yards! we were hoping the kitten would stick up for itself more but it doesn't seem to be happening, and when we scold ds and take him away from the kitten he just runs back and begins all over again. I think he's too young yet for a naughty chair/mat but I can't think of anything else. he doesn't treat bigger cats this way. he just seems so determined to bully this kitten! I know it sounds silly but I'm terrified now that he'll mistreat animals terribly for the rest of his life! I'm trying the 'super nanny'thing with getting down at his level and speaking sternly that we don't treat our kitten like that but ds just squirms away from us and is right in the kitten's face again. sorry this is so long, but I am at my wits end with his behaviour!

bubblepop Mon 25-Jun-07 14:12:50

hiya, well im not really sure what to say,but just wanted to tell you that my eldest ds KILLED our pet guinea pig when he was this age. it was awful, i left them alone in the garden for a minute and my ds was frustrated that he could'nt catch the guinea pig. after chasing it round he managed to catch it and i think he bashed guineas head on the ground,. i was absolutely mortified and so annoyed with myself for leaving him with our pet. to be honest, my ds had not got a clue what he had done, he had no concept of hurting another living thing or even now that it was dead. he's 10rs now and to this day does not even know that he killed it, he would be so upset if he found out as he's such a caring boy. if i were you, i would try to find a way of separatng the kitten from your little one,and just give them supervised time together (easier said than done i know)

amidaiwish Mon 25-Jun-07 14:45:56

the "removal" technique worked at this age with DD1 and i think may even work now with DD2 who is 20m

we have a utility room off our kitchen with a glass paned door. whenever she was naughty and continued even after i told her to stop, gave her a warning etc. i just picked her up, put her in there and shut the door. she very quickly got the message that i meant it.

have you got anywhere like that? even a boring room where you could put a stair gate / something blocking the door, so they are removed but not out of sight IYKWIM?

nailpolish Mon 25-Jun-07 14:50:07

my dd2 is at this stage too, she stamps her feet and goes scarlet in the face if she doesnt get her way!!! screams and screams. all i can think of is to put her in her room. sometimes i have to do this 3 times, even just to get her to stop screaming so i can talk to her. it seems to work though. just 2/3 minutes in her room, take her out, say "now will you listen to mummy, you mustnt draw on the wall" or whatever. if she doesnt listen i put her back in her room for a minute or so. ive only ever had to do it 4 times most, then she comes out and listens properly to what im saying

good luck

crazycanuck Mon 25-Jun-07 15:09:38

hmmm don't have a 'boring' room that is within sight (only spare room is full of DIY detritus!) but nailpolish, it really works to put them in their bedroom? I always thought they would get in there and think Hey hey! look at all these toys I can play with now! but you've had success with it... may have to give that a try!

nailpolish Mon 25-Jun-07 15:11:06

i always thought that too, but my dd2 is so wound up she doesnt seem to realise her toys are right there, plus they hate missing out on getting the last word etc...

let us know how you get on...

CaptainUnderpants Mon 25-Jun-07 15:23:52

How about some form of distraction aswell to get DS away from kitten.

what about some book about pets for him that you can share together.

3littlefrogs Mon 25-Jun-07 18:05:42

I would just never leave a small animal and a small child together. Kitten is far too young to stick up for itself, and a 2 year old is far too young to understand the difference between a small animal and a furry toy.

PinkTulips Mon 25-Jun-07 18:11:17

repeated firm 'NO''S and removing child from pet

safe places for the kitten to hide that child can't reach

not getting a kitten when you have a 2 year old (bit late for this tip methinks )

teach him how to rub her nicely by holding his hand frirmly and rubbing the cat with it and telling him how good he is for being gentle

i wouldn't dicipline tbh as he doesn't understand what he's doing wrong, just teach him how to be nice to the kitten

never ever leave him alone with the kitten as they can kill them very easily

hope the cat learns to scratch soon, it's a fantastic deterrant!

Pitchounette Mon 25-Jun-07 18:22:32

Message withdrawn

crazycanuck Mon 25-Jun-07 20:29:16

ah see we do show him how to be nice and he sometimes is. and he's around animals at his childminder's as she lives on a farm replete with animals big and small, so we didn't expect this. it's just frustrating when we see how he can be nice but then he turns around and is mean...will try suggestions here, thx very much!

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