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DS 4.5 years is turning into Kevin the teenager

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Jobean Mon 25-Jun-07 13:53:48

Help, my son seemed to have skipped the terrible twos but is now in the terrible fours. He answers back, if I tell him off his response is ^shut up^! and he has even gone so far as calling me names (eg. Josh you can't have one of those because they are no good for you reponse ^you're stupid^, idiot or ^you're daft^ in a really huffy voice - aaargh). He can be good but lately he is really testing my patience with his attitude. He even uses things I say to him, like you will go to your room in response to me telling him off - his defiance is of boundless magnitude.

We had a chat about it yesterday but I wonder how much is sinking in - if it carries on he will spend the rest of his boyhood in his bedroom.

Also went to kids party Saturday and I understand boys can be boisterous but every incident that occurred seemed to involve my DS. I was mortified and have said he cannot go to the party which is on next week as I don't know if I can really put myself through another one. Having said that Josh is one of three boys who are friends at school and although they are friends they are fiercly competitive and can be really quite rough wtih each other which often ends in tears. i have noticed that DS would not do any of the awful things they do together to any of the other kids so it seems to be within the group he knocks around with.

I am over reacting, what can I do to try and improve his behaviour without resorting to arguing with him and eventually having to bring in Supernanny!

Any help greatly appreciated

Shirazzamatazz Tue 26-Jun-07 11:41:16

Hiya Jobean. Can't offer you much except sympathy. My beloved DS went into the terrible two's at 15 months and I'm still waiting for the little b*gger to come out... 6 in September! You sound exactly like me (minus my temper) and it is hell with a boisterous boy. How is the school handling this? My son's teacher is fab & we've worked together since Jan to help him. He's not naughtynaughty but is a trainee man so won't/can't listen etc etc. She's now summoned a behaviour expert via the school SENCO and I'm looking forward to what he's got to offer. I also tried parenting classes which gave me a few ideas. Hang in there. I'm ALWAYS on tenterhooks in public with DS & DD. And trust me all these yummy mummies who have perfect children are fibbing, alcoholic, medicated or deluded. Nothing worse than the morning playground fashion parade to get you off to a nailbiting start to the day! This morning mine was being kicked by the boy in front of the line so there was some argybargy with all eyes on me to see if TUT she'll sort her boy out. I haven't found ANYTHING that'll work on mine yet so if you've got any ideas I'd love to hear back from you. Best days of our lives apparently!!!

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