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i want to sleep in my own bed help

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mummysue Sat 23-Jun-07 21:20:17

hi,ive a 18 month baby daughter,she was in my room in her cot till about a year,in this time her dad was moved into spare room as she was a light sleeper and kept waking him,as he up early for work.

we got her in her own room and she took to it really well,she still woke regularly but would go back asleep on her own.since april this has all changed.

i have a double bed in her room as well as her cot,now she wont drink her milk in the has to be in the double bed then when shes asleep i get out and put her in the cot.

she wakes several times during the night and stands up with "rita" her comfort blanket and dummy and points to the big bed so i have to take her in there until she goes asleep then put her back in the cot.and we do this a couple of the end im so knackered i just leave her in there and i sleep in her room.

weve gone from my partner being in spare room,now hes in our bed and im in the babies room.

ive tried ignoring her,then she cries and makes herself more awake that it takes me hours to get her back asleep,i just dont know what to do,if she wakes while im still up i have to go to bed with her as its not safe for her in the double bed on her own.

please help since shes been born its always her sleep problems.she can fight it like a good thing.and im still soooooo tired havent had a good sleep in 18 months....she wont settle for her dad,any advice on what to do...please.or if you know a good way to get rid of eye bags

4jen Sat 23-Jun-07 23:08:53

Mummysue it sounds like hard work, would you be prepared to go complete cold turkey and suffer for a few weeks to resolve this problem?. First I would move that double bed out of her room as it must look very tempting for her. Then I would start putting her in her cot while she's awake and letting her self settle, may have to do controlled crying for this to work. Sounds harsh and would be stressful but when my dd who was previously great at self settling starting playing up at bedtime the controlled crying worked.

deb34 Sat 23-Jun-07 23:24:09

i would go with 4jen i think. how does she sleep during the day - will she go to sleep in her cot then? if you can get her to self settle in the cot for one of her sleeps then you have something to build on.

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