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growth charts

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rebelmum Sat 23-Jun-07 20:00:19

I have just ripped mine out of my red book. I am fed up with it. My DD is 15 weeks and weighs 11 pounds 15 ounces. she only put on one ounce in 2 weeks, and they said well if she's not losing weight and is happy and alert not to worry about it. So I don't see the point of comparing her development on a growth chart which is based on weight gain of bottle fed babies anyway, as it will only worry me. so have decided best course of action is not to chart it. what do other mumsnetters thinkk?

wrinklytum Sat 23-Jun-07 20:03:20

Good on you.Was a bit obsessive about them with no 1.Do not think no2 has had theirs filled in.As you say as long as happy and healthy.BF babies have a different geowth curve as you rightly state.

wrinklytum Sat 23-Jun-07 20:03:50

growth. not geowth

sep1712 Sat 23-Jun-07 20:06:23

I think the charts give us lots of worry aswell, but don't tear it up just don't look! Try not to go more than once a month so you see a more overall picture. Everyone knows when there babies arn't happy!

SleeplessInTheStaceym11House Sat 23-Jun-07 20:41:22

i was fairl blase (sp?) about dd but ds has feeding problems and iv been a bit obsessive with it, could prob have done with ripping it out at one stage! hes better now hes on solids and has prescription milk tho so i jsut dont get him weighed!!!

and you're right they shouldnt try and track bf babies on the formula fed baby charts!! just pay no attention to it, your lo sounds just fine!

rebelmum Sat 23-Jun-07 21:39:30

Thanks for your support, that makes me feel better. I was having an angry moment. Not sure how to explain my missing chart to the doctors now !

rebelmum Sat 23-Jun-07 21:45:06

I think I'll wait till she's 5 before I get her weighed again

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