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Struggling to work out whats bothering my 4 1/2 month old

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Pearson1 Wed 05-Dec-18 10:52:14

Hi my 4 1/2 month has been very cranky the past few days and I'm struggling to work out whats wrong with him. His temp is up and down but no higher than 37.5 his normal temp is around 36.5, he's only taking around 3oz feeds and then sick afterwards he would normally take 8oz every 3 hours but he's got his fists in his mouth constantly and wanting to chomp on everything. Hos skin is quite mocled to. He's gone from sleeping 7 - 7.30 without me going in at all to him, now he's waking more for his dummy and screaming through the night then going back to sleep, like something is bothering him. If I take him to the doctors I know they will just send me away like nothing is wrong so I'm struggling to know what to do with him. Any advice please

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Pearson1 Wed 05-Dec-18 10:55:53

He's also quite flemmy

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Pantheon Thu 06-Dec-18 14:11:15

Hi OP, could he be teething? How much sleep is he getting during the day? I'd take him to the doctor if you're still concerned.

Pearson1 Thu 06-Dec-18 18:57:16

Hi we are under the community nurses now, he has broncolitus again. Only feeding an ounce every 3hours so hopeing he will pick back up quickly otherwise it's a hospital visit

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