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Does anyone else's children secrete empty food wrappers etc. around the house.

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JonesTheSteam Sat 23-Jun-07 12:05:49

Because it's driving me nuts here.

This morning I've found a banana skin and a yogurt pot under the display cabinet in the lounge.

Yesterday I found a banana skin and apple core under the TV/video cabinet.

I don't mind them helping themselves to food and eating things (it could be worse it could be sweets etc.) but couldn't they at least put the leftovers in the bin when they've finished.

We've been getting ants in our lounge and playroom and I think it's partly down to them leaving food wrappers etc. around. I've talked to them about this but it seems to be falling on deaf ears.

Don't know what I can do really. Very little probably short of keeping kitchen under lock and key (not very practical ). Just wanted a rant!!!

JonesTheSteam Sat 23-Jun-07 12:06:27

Apologies for appalling grammar in thread title - was in a rush!!

Gobbledigook Sat 23-Jun-07 12:11:11

Yes I do and it drives me nuts - mainly because I don't like them to help themselves to things but everytime I go upstairs to put washing away, go to the loo, check email...ds2 goes to the fridge and just takes stuff (he's 2).

IT's not like I don't feed them! THey never blardy stop eating!!

ktmoomoo Sat 23-Jun-07 12:18:58

we find teeth marks in the cucumber and cheese in the fridge lol dd age 9 does this

Nightynight Sat 23-Jun-07 12:19:20

yes they do, but they are getting trained now, following a year of me chanting "If you leave food around, something will come to eat it"

our neighbour found a dead rat in her cellar recently[shudder] so they know what is at stake.

Gobbledigook Sat 23-Jun-07 12:26:42

LOL @ teeth marks!

Yesterday I came down to find ds3 nibbling away on a giant Yorkie that they bought for dh for Father's day! It wasn't even open when he got hold of it!

ktmoomoo Sat 23-Jun-07 12:30:19

lol @ yorkie bar

Elasticwoman Sat 23-Jun-07 20:01:10

I'm trying to persuade my children not to take food of any kind into their bedrooms. They stuff the wrappers or other debris down the side of the furniture and it stays there for yonks until I find it and go crazy.

Gobbledigook Sun 24-Jun-07 23:38:11

We now have a lock on teh kitchen door - it's the only way!

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