Me and my daughter moved out with my partner from grandparents home

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Workingmamaof1 Wed 28-Nov-18 22:56:28

I have lived with my grandparents all my life, I’m 28 and me and my daughter have just moved in with my partner. They get on so well, everything in that department is going fantastically but my little girl cries a lot about missing her nanny and grandad. We have moved two roads away very close as we are such a close family. Now she’s seeing them daily as they do the school run as I’m in work, she’s dropped off every day at 7:30 and stays for half an hour after school, till I pick her up. She also has a sleepover every weekend. But she still cries when it’s time to leave, she’s been saying she wants us all to live together in one big house 🙈 this evening she cried and said she didn’t want to go home she wanted to stay at nanny’s it took me 45 minutes to calm her down and cheer her up. Any ideas how to make the transition easier. She’s very sensitive at the moment and weepy, any advice?

Ps new here don’t know the lingo or where to post. Thanks for reading x

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AjasLipstick Thu 29-Nov-18 03:58:26

Knowing her age would be useful. It's very normal for her to have a sort of grieving process at her changed situation.

What might help is having your grandparents over for tea at your new home....perhaps regularly.

Bluerussian Thu 29-Nov-18 04:36:56

Aw, poor little lass. She can't be very old but as you live so near to her grandparents and she sees a lot of them, she will adjust. Just give her more time and sympathise with her. Young children often don't like change when it comes to living arrangement but you have to move on with your life and as long as she knows she's loved by you all, she'll get used to it.

How lovely to have a helpful family so nearby.

I hope all goes well in your new home and that you are, and eventually will all be, happy.

flowers for you
wine housewarming
cake for your daughter

All three for your parents and partner. x

Workingmamaof1 Thu 29-Nov-18 22:05:38

Thank you so much, she's 8. They are grieving too I think my grandparents, I will invite them for tea, it's a huge adjustment for us all. She's had a good day today, no tears just a little down time. Slow and steady, positivity and understanding! thanks

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