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Daughter imitating another child

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HelloItsMe Tue 27-Nov-18 09:41:34

My child's grandmother is a childminder, (she just started when my daughter was born), she has watched a few children over the years now. I've noticed my daughter tends to copy the behaviour and speech habits of the children she watches. My 3 year old dd had fairly good speech however when her grandmother began to childmind a child with a stutter she copied him, she stuttered all the time, although the little boy was very well mannered and a really pleasant child so this was also something she copied which wasn't a bad thing atall. Now ...the stutter and all the rest of it is gone because that child has been replaced by a different little boy, slightly older than my daughter.. so now she copies him. This little boy is really bold and spoilt. He stamps, kicks, wynges over everything and won't say his words properly even though he can but just does it to seek attention. I swear if you closed your eyes and listened to my daughter now talk she sounds just like him, even the tone of her voice, she does everything he does and she has even tried to hit me several times something which she never ever done and tbh everyone has been shocked at her behaviour.
Has anyone any clue in how I could maybe sway her away from copying?

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