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5 year old hitting

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Minniemountain Sun 25-Nov-18 11:48:57

DS is just 5. Over the last week or so he's started hitting DH, MIL and me. It's not really hard but hard enough to hurt.

We explain it hurts and make him apologise but he doesn't seem to care.

He's generally very happy and gets enough sleep. BUT I have recently finished radiotherapy for stage 1 cancer.

I can't work out if it's that or having to behave at school that's getting to him. And what can we do about it?

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lovely36 Fri 30-Nov-18 23:35:39

5 is way way way too old for that type of behaviour. You need to make it very clear that hitting is absolutely unacceptable and will not be tolerated. You don't need to yell or scream but you do need to speak to him in a very stern voice and make it very clear. "That behaviour is absolutely not ok, and I will not allow you to hit me or anyone else." Let's say he proceeds. Tell him if he hits a one including you, he needs to (consequence) example.. go to his room because you will not allow him to hurt anyone including you. Be consistent and stern. Make him apologise to anyone he hurts. Also what is the trigger? How does it come to that in the first place?

sevens7 Mon 03-Dec-18 23:10:30

I don't think children want to make a happy parent unhappy.
There's nothing in it for them.

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