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Playground problems

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secretuser Thu 22-Nov-18 18:48:02

Not sure whether this is the right topic but here goes.

My friend's daughter is 9 and is having problems with the other girls at school. I don't think she is being bullied but they are excluding her and telling her they won't play with her etc. It's quite a small school so the girls tend to be one big friendship group and therefore it's really affecting her because she has no one to play with at playtime.

Is there anything I can suggest to my friend, who understandably is at a bit of a loss with what to do. Or I wondered whether there were any children's books or anything that might help her daughter understand how she's feeling.

She's such a sweet little girl and I'm really sad to think she is having such a tough time. Hopefully when she moves on to secondary school there will be a much bigger pool of friends to choose from and she'll find her people, but she's got a couple of years left at primary school which is a long time to a 9 year old.

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JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 22-Nov-18 21:48:53

The best thing you could probably do is to get your DF to join MN smile

Has your friend spoken to the school? The Primary mine went to would probably have done some group work with the children. Are there any activities she coukd join in with or is there a friendship bench?

There’s some book suggestions here smile

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