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Just spend half an hour cleaning all the finger prints of the patio doors and Dd1...

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Marne Thu 21-Jun-07 11:44:00

Has just drawn a snail on the bloody door with a wet finger

Why do i bother?

Now dh is going to think i hav'nt done any cleaning today.

JoshuasYummyMummy Thu 21-Jun-07 12:21:49

I know how you feel.

I have been trying to clean up all morning and my ds has been "helping".

I took everything off the floor so I could hoover and he ever so kindly started putting everything back. Then when I moved the fireguard to hoover underneath he was like lightning and took a piece of coal from the fire (the fire hadn't been switched on)! Before I knew it he looked like he'd just fell down the chimney and it took me about 20 minutes to clean him up!

cylonbabe Thu 21-Jun-07 12:22:21

errr, why do you bother?

OhNo40 Thu 21-Jun-07 12:27:15

Not worth the effort. Like dusting.

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