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Having another child after a child with disabilities

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Fulltimemummy85 Wed 21-Nov-18 14:24:19

I have 2 daughters 4 and 7, they are both very well behaved and can be left without causing mischief. My youngest has mild Cerebral Palsy, which means she cannot walk far and has to be lifted. I recently found out I was expecting number 3 (not planned) . I am worried about how I will cope, my youngest starts school september but will need a buggy all other times. My car is too small and financially we are normally just covering everything. I know my 2 girls will be over the moon at the idea. Has anybody had any similar experiences?

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JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 21-Nov-18 22:11:02

I’ve not experienced it no but hopefully this will bump for you thanks

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