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Why is my 11 year old Son so emotional and telling lies?

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LauraJames1 Wed 21-Nov-18 11:52:52

My 11yr old son is my absolute world (aswell as his 7yr old sister) and he's the most caring and soft natured boy I've ever come across. He absolutely adores me and isn't shy about showing his feelings towards me in front of his friends.
Recently he's moved school and has made new friends but insists on having a girlfriend which he changes weekly 😩 he's so emotional and eager to please everyone he's making problems for himself.
He has got a phone (which I hate) but feel forced into letting him have social media as all of his friends do. I check his phone regularly and he just tells stupid lies that are really unnecessary and I don't know how to make it stop.
I'm seeing the school today to try and figure out what's going on cause my gorgeous, loving son is constantly crying and begging me not to send him to school and I feel like a complete failure.
I split with the kids dad when he was 7 and he's lived with me and his stepdad since (who he considers as is dad) and he has a happy home, me and my husband own 2 successful businesses but we make it our priority to put the kids first and I always take them to school and pick them up.
Oh I don't know, am I looking Into things too much or could the changes be effecting him now? Am I failing as a mum? 😭
Any help or advice would be much appreciated 😘

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JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 22-Nov-18 07:59:15

Really sorry, I haven’t got time to reply. Just wanted to say that if you ask MNHQ to move your thread to the Preteens Section, you might get a few more replies smile

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