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3 year old disruptive at nursery but not at home

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Aria2015 Tue 20-Nov-18 13:37:59

My 3 year old is a pretty easy child. He's generally well behaved at home. He's an only child and good at communicating. He obviously has mostly one on one attention due to been an only. His teachers keep saying he doesn't listen and he's been distruptive verbally (not being quiet when its quiet time). The behaviour they describe isn't what I see at home. I don't have a high tolerance for bad behaviour so don't let him get away with murder at home so I don't believe I'm looking at him with rose tinted glasses. I take him out to quiet places or to eat and he sits well and is quiet.etc... He says he doesn't like nursery, its a big change from being at home with me which I get but I feel so upset they he's not being his best self and at a loss at what to do about it. I've heard of children being good at nursery but not at home but this is the other way around. Any ideas on how to tackle it? I've spoken to him and told him he needs to listen to the teachers and be quiet when he's told but that hasn't made a difference.

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Lara53 Wed 21-Nov-18 09:27:39

If the issue is at nursery only then I would push it back to the nursery staff and ask them that as your DS is struggling in that environment how are they going to support him - for example we would place an extra adult near by to reinforce quiet sitting and listening.

Aria2015 Wed 21-Nov-18 12:25:25

Thanks for the relply. My dh said something similar last night as I racked my brains! Perhaps my lo just needs a bit more support get him used to it? I think they’re allowed free play (similar to what he has at home) for the majority of the day and its when he has to do structured things like lunch, reading time etc... In the last hour that he shows signs of struggling. At home I always give him lots of warning and build up to changing what we’re doing, going out, eating a meal and I'm wondering if nursery do a more sudden ’ring a bell and its lunch’ type thing and he hasn't got uses to it yet? I'll speak to the nursery staff again. I have told them that the behaviour they describe is not consistent with what he does at home but we didn't take not further than that.

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