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Statutory assessment turned down by Ed Psych but paed and opthalmologist are adamant dd needs statmenting? WTF? What do I do?

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Piffle Wed 20-Jun-07 22:43:47

DD has some issues because of Noonan Syndrome but is basicialy petite but very bright and clever little girl, due to start school in Sept.

She has terrible eyesight much of it not correctable
She has no depth perception
She has nystagmus (eye wobble images are not stable) astigmatism, is severely long sighted and has a minor squint.
She has glasses but still struggle. she suffers with balance and mostly safety issues - imagine kerbs, steps, changes of sruface she even walks into large stationary objects and she can only see 6/24 which means what we can see at 24 metres away she has to be 6 meters away to see.

However Ed Psych said school can manange with enlarged print and so forth, statementing not necessary...
DD is going to very small village school, I am loathe to place all the resourcing of tis ont them, she needs everything enlarging.

Both her paed and the opthalmological consultant were shocked that she had not been put fwd for statementing
Where do I go now?
Was going to put this in Sn but though I'd put it on main board for more help

plowder Wed 20-Jun-07 23:25:41

I got my sons statement in jan 1994, (so this info is prob out of date) I did it my self, I was told that it is better to do it yourself as Education authority can take as long as they like with schools or paed's, but legislation says that they have a time limit with which to complete the paperwork when a parent does it. I live in Kent and had a lot of help from my local Partnership with Parents

Piffle Wed 20-Jun-07 23:29:02

thanks for that link I know the LEA's early yrs support might have some info
I'll ring her tomorrow

Upsadaisy Wed 20-Jun-07 23:36:21

thats terrible I hope its sorted soon

plowder Wed 20-Jun-07 23:40:41

sorry sorry sorry ... not 1994 but 2004. He was born in 1999 and I was trying to work out what yr he was 5 in, by the way it took me a yr and and I only got it because I took mine to a tribunal, my local LEA rang me up and asked me what it would take for me to drop the tribunal, and I said a full in depth review of my case and an appointments with just about every specalist I could think of. It put the fear of god in them having a tribunal because a tribunal means they have 6(ish) weeks to get evidence AGAINST a statement.

Piffle Sun 24-Jun-07 21:47:18

Well I went to a meeting on Thursday with the Ed Psych, Early Yrs Support Service head, visually impaired service peripatetic teacher, dds pre school head and dd's teacher to be be in reception.
It was wonderful dd's teacher is quite simply perfect, and I am made up, the school has much experience with fragile children having had several children some with brittle bone disease and a very wee lad with extreme dwarfism. I got a tour of all my areas of concern and was made to feel so secure for dd.
Paranoia averted and now I look forward to ehr going
I wa also told that they school will apply for medical hours which Ed Psych said will be easily approved due to firm and proven diagnosis and intervention and this can easily be stepped up to multi disciplinary assessment and full statementing as she gets older and needs more visual and accessible curriculum resources.
Here is hoping
thanks for advice once again

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