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How to help my daughter focus....

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Justgivemeasoddingname Thu 15-Nov-18 17:19:09

Dd 10 has one piece of homework to do tonight and has a club 6.30-8.30. Not home till 9 so needs to be done before. Also she needs to pack some bits for weekend away as we are leaving straight from school.
She came home at 4. I wrote her a list (with her, she agreed she is tired but does want to go to her club tonight so I made her aware she has 2 hours and she agreed i write her a list). She is always totally distracted which frustrates me so I try a different approach....a list- a visual aid, tick list so she can remind herself and see what she has achieved.
45 mins later I went to her room....She is sitting on her bedroom floor playing with nail varnishes. I told her no club tonight and left. 20 mins and her homework is still on kitchen table waiting- so she may be packing just now but still not down for homework.
I am just so frustrated. Too often. I could cry with a little disappointment too. I'm trying to help her and she just doesn't seem to get it.
Please help me.

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Justgivemeasoddingname Thu 15-Nov-18 18:16:37


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Justgivemeasoddingname Thu 15-Nov-18 21:53:03


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ghostsandghoulies Sat 17-Nov-18 10:33:13

My ds is 12 and would struggle with that. We would have discussed a time for homework and packing and set alarms for those times. He's at secondary school and he has a weekday routine for homework, chilling out etc If I left it to him, he wouldn't fit it all in.

It is only now that on weekends he might be self motivated enough to say that he'll do some homework.

JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 17-Nov-18 15:11:27

I think you may be expecting too much. Could she have packed in the morning or the day before? Could you have packed for her?

What happens if she doesn’t complete the homework? I assume the teacher will deal with that, if it happens?

If it was me at we had such a tight schedule, I’d have got her to pack before, given her a drink and a biscuit, asked her to do the homework after she’d finished her drink and snack and then left her to it.

Justgivemeasoddingname Wed 21-Nov-18 19:17:27

Thank you both.
So what do I do? Am I asking too much? Do I write more down in checklists?

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