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How do we avoid the Amarillo woman?

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Daddster Wed 20-Jun-07 08:43:00

When we were on holiday a poorly-driven car blaring "Show me the way to Amarillo" pulled up next to our car and a grotesquely obese woman with tattoos and a fag in her hand pulled herself out. She immediately started shouting at her c.3yo son and hoiked her c.9m old baby out of the car, which had had its ears pierced and had studs in its ears. This harridan continued to shout obscenities at the 3yo dragging him by the arm over to the farm which was supposed to be a place for families to have fun.

Can anyone recommend a way to stop my DD ending up like this woman?

KaySamuels Wed 20-Jun-07 08:45:27

Daddster Tue 26-Jun-07 09:25:07

Due to lack of response, I have enquired at the pub and a selection of the best answers so far I have is:
"don't live in Hull"
"make sure you didn't marry your sister"
"work really long hours, then when she complains as a teenager that you messed her up, you can answer 'how can I have done? I was never there'"

Someone has to be able to do better than that.

mufti Tue 26-Jun-07 09:37:27

put her in a convent

Hassled Tue 26-Jun-07 09:41:58

Just play "Show Me the Way to Amarillo" a couple of times a day every day from now until when she grows up. She'll be an opera fan before you know it.

Jessicatmagnificat Tue 26-Jun-07 09:44:41

As kids always rebel against their parents, I recommend out-chavving her at such an early age that she will immediately see the error of emulating you. It's all in the attidude....

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