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FTMJC Tue 13-Nov-18 11:57:47


I know this has been discussed lots before but I just want to hear your experiences.

We had a terrible 4 month regression and lo was doing all her naps in the sling so we got a sleep consultant and did some sleep training a bit like the sleep lady shuffle. She is now sleeping much better at night and is sleeping in the cot but her naps are usually only about 35 minutes. She is then cranky most of the day. Her awake times are about 2-2.5 hours.

This is frustrating when she would sleep over an hour in the sling. She has just turned 6 months and I’ve read a few posts saying things improved at around 6/7 months.

I have tried all the different nap extension techniques - this only worked twice and I got 1.5 hour naps those times. But usually it just leaves me frustrated. I’ve tried resettling which has also been futile.

Please is there anyone that can give me some hope that this gets better?

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JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 14-Nov-18 19:54:55

Will she sleep for longer if you take her out for a walk or a drive? Have you tried the No Cry Nap Solution?

FTMJC Sun 18-Nov-18 15:26:40

Hi @jiltedhohnsjulie - I don’t have a car at the moment and she won’t nap in the pram. I’ve not tried the no cry nap solution but not sure if it’s anything other than what my sleep consultant has already said to us.

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